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Lukas Tent

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The Lukas Tent is an innovative, state-of-the-art product specifically designed for children of all ages with sensory processing issues such as autism and SPD. This amazing tent offers a soothing sensory environment for those that need it most. The Lukas Tent sets up easily within a few minutes and is 100% portable! Whether traveling, visiting friends and family, going to the park or in a classroom the Lukas Tent provides your child with their very own "safe space" no matter where they go.

Instructional Videos: 

Opening the Lukas Tent  /  Closing the Lukas Tent


Key Features:

  1. The entire tent is made with special light-blocking material
  2. We designed the tent frame with an upright position for more headroom 
  3. Specialized interior USB lighting (sold separately)
  4. Interior USB ceiling fan (sold separately)
  5. Ceiling ventilation with light-blocking mesh
  6. 4-port USB AC cord  (sold separately)
  7. 3-port USB battery bank (sold separately)
  8. Supervisory windows with light-blocking mesh
  9. Vinyl floor mat with 2" foam  (sold separately)
  10. Extremely comfortable bean bag mattress  (sold separately)
  11. Lightweight carrying case

Lukas Tent Size: 3' wide x 5.5' long x 42" tall

Special Note: Unlike camping tents the Lukas Tent is manufactured without fire retardant chemicals. Due to the time periods children may be spending in our tent we wanted to assure our customers that the Lukas Tent is chemical-free!